Frequently Asked Questions


Pictures are important... and they should also be fun!

If you and I start talking about a photo session, I will probably follow you on social media to find out more about your personal style.

Can you get rid of blemishes?


What should I wear?

Once we set up a session, I will send you online magazines and blogs to give you ideas!

If you are a girl... you might want to doll up with some hair and make-up and nice fingernails. I have a source for this if you want to contact me.  Bring lots of clothes and we can decide!  Bralettes are wonderful in that they appear as just a layer if a strap shows instead of a bra.  Bring funky stuff, cool shoes and jeans, shorts, skirts, tops, hats, headpieces, your prom dress.  White or cream lace dress is almost always a good choice. Bring what you would want to model on a photoshoot!  We can pick 4-6 outfits that will photograph the best. Much more information can be found on the "Senior Girls" online magazine link under the "Info" tab.

If you are a guy, I promise I want you to look masculine and cool. I recommend three sets of clothes: formal (not kidding, the closest you have to a suit), jeans, khakis, shorts and various collared shirts, and then something that is specific to you and your interests (uniform, college shirt, props. Many more ideas and information are available in the "Senior Guys" online magazine link found under the "Info" tab.

Parents: My goal for you is Peace of Mind. Text or email me questions you have, but I hope that my online magazines prepare you for these pictures which will last a lifetime.

Should I wear my glasses?

If you do want to wear your glasses in at least some of your portraits, have your optometrist remove the lenses for your session so that we don't get a reflective glare that hides your eyes. 

Where do you shoot photo sessions?

I shoot in Flower Mound, Highland Village, Denton, and Grapevine.  If you have ideas outside of those areas, give me a call.  When you book a session, I will send you a link to the locations so you can choose!

Can I bring my dog, friend, hedgehog?

Probably! Let me know in advance!

How much?

Click the investment tab for access to an online magazine with all kinds of information, including session prices and beginning prices for products.

What's in your camera bag?

I'm a Canon girl!

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 5D Mark ii

Canon 6d

with lenses:

70-200 2.8 L series

24-70 2.8 Tamron VSC

50mm 1.4

85mm 1.8

10-20mm 3.5 EX DC


XPlor 600

Ice light with barndoors

Speedlites: 600ex and 480ex ii and Yongnuo

Various stands, shoot-through umbrella, octobox

Round 36" reflector

Oval 50" reflector

Various backdrops

Tan and Blueish settees

imac 27" and Adobe Photoshop cs5

My background is in music, theatre, and live television so I love photos with drama, relationship, unexpected beauty, and humor. My faith, my family and my friends are everything to me. I know God made no one like you so I'm interested in showing your unique personality.

If you have more questions, contact me in the "contact" section. :-)