This is me.

I've had a lifelong preoccupation with creative communication.

Seven years ago I was a happy little Texas mama volunteering at my kids’ schools, and photographing school events. My daughter's friends started asking me to take their Senior Pictures. I was terrified because I was rocking a Canon consumer DSLR with the lens that came in the box. Fortunately, I had a background in theatre, television, and music which helped me with posing, planning, and creative stuff.

Fast forward through almost 400 sessions, formal and informal education and serious camera and lens upgrades, and I still have a crazy obsession with the art, personality and beauty of capturing that whisper in the wind that is this important crossroad in your life.


"My mom taught me to see the beauty in everyone." - Anna-Marie McNiel Carter (my daughter)

To tell my story in snapshots:

These are my children (and son-in-law) that I love,

My sweet, tolerant husband,

My faith and my favorite place,

My spoiled, goofy cats, the orange tabby is 20 years old.

Quick shot in my living room so you can actually identify me.

Watch a little bit of a session to see what being on a shoot is like: Click here      214.995.0829